new used vinyl in for week of 7-22-13

In this week we have about 600 new used lps from all genres, many rock and some soul, blues, reggae, rap, country, jazz lps. Artists include; the animals, kevin ayers, beach boys, beatles, ccr, the doors, bob dylan, led zeppelin, van morrison, rolling stones, roxy music, thin lizzy, the ventures, many neil young albums and many others too. We also got in about 15 new used music/concert/tour shirts from bands like; fall out boy, glass harp, incubus, u2 and others. All in store now.

New Used Vinyl in this week

In this week in the used new arrivals we have many good quality lps. Genres include; hip-hop/rap, jazz, classic rock, prog rock, indie rock, metal, r&b, soul and many others. Artists include; the beatles, the rolling stones, the who, yes, budgie, miles davis, weather report, anthrax, iron maiden just to name a few and there are many others. Around 75+ old school hip-hop lps, lots of 80s indie and alternative, plenty of other classic rock, fusion jazz lps, many popular, hard to find & rare 70s & 80s modern soul, funk, disco, boogie & r&b lps & dj 12′s and a box of early 2000s drum & bass dj 12′s. Too much to list it all, we have aquired about 1500 records in the last 20 days or so and it is all good quality and great titles so come check em out!

new used vinyl in for week of 2-2-12

in this week in the new used section we have nearly 1000 new lps from all genres, including; rock n roll, metal, country, rockabilly, bluegrass, soul, funk, r&b, disco, jazz (many free jazz/avant garde/fusion jazz), pop, noise/exp./electronic, soundtracks and more! many jazz lps from the ecm catalogue and many other popular jazz labels, many 60s rock lps, lots of obscure country, many obscure soundtracks, some 70s & 80s rock and pop classics, and some hard to find prog & psych titles from the 60s & 70s. too many titles too list but there are many good records that will not last long. come check them out, all in stock now!